4 Tips to that can Get you out of your Laundry Room Faster and Save Money Every Month

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In many households, the laundry room is both essential to the daily routine and a space where most people are of the opinion that the less time spent there the better. Here are 4 tips that can optimize the functionality of the machines doing the work, shave precious minutes off of each laundry load, and save some money in the process.

  • Select a laundry pair that with capacities that minimize the number of wash loads per week – Sizing your washer and dryer to the amount of laundry that needs to be done each week can provide two key benefits; it can reduce the number of loads per week resulting in less time spent in the laundry room, and running fewer cycles in a larger machine per week is more energy efficient than running more cycles in a smaller one. Large families should consider a large capacity basin (up to 3.8 cubic feet) while smaller households should stick with the smaller end of the range (1.6 cubic feet or more).
  • If you’re doing multiple loads per week, wash synthetics, natural fabrics, and heavy items separately – Doing wash loads according to fabric type and weight allows for cycles that can be shortened due to faster washing and drying times. For example, synthetic materials take far less time to clean and dry than denim, which provides the opportunity for abbreviated cycles in both machines.
  • Use hot water cycles sparingly – Traditionally, running hot water cycles was a necessity in order to fully dissolve powdered detergents. Now, laundry detergents are formulated for full dissolution in cold or warm water and deliver the same level of cleaning as hot water cycles. Changing to warm water from hot can cut the energy consumed in each load by about 50 percent, while cold water costs 90 to 95 percent less per load than hot water.
  • When selecting your laundry pair, make sure that the dryer has a moisture sensor – When your dryer is in use, it is one of the most energy intensive appliances in the home. A moisture sensor will detect when the laundry load is dry and shut down the machine. This feature can be a real time-saver with fast drying fabrics like synthetics and light cotton, which are often left to dry for much longer than necessary.

Buying a laundry pair that includes an ENERGY STAR certified washing machine can ensure savings of approximately 40 percent on energy consumption and almost two-thirds on water versus older machines. Combining these savings with the measures listed above will result in an energy-efficient system that cuts your time doing laundry while also generating steady savings every month.

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