Sunshine Furniture: 4 Ways to Shop Smart for Furniture

Sunshine Furniture / November 25, 2014

Smart shopping for furniture is a lot like shopping for anything else; the more you know about what to look for, the more informed your buying decisions will be. Here are 4 things to look for and consider before buying any piece of furniture.

  • Sit in chairs and sofas – The one thing that you’ll be doing with your chairs and sofa is to sit in them, so why wait until they are delivered before seeing how comfortable they are? The amount of filling in the cushions and seat backs can differ greatly between different products as will the comfort level, so make sure to see how each one will feel when you put it to use.
  • Lift one side of the piece – Judging by the mass of the piece, you’ll probably have a general idea of how much it’s going to weigh. If the piece is much lighter than you expect, it may not have the number or springs, thickness of wood, and/or the thickness of quality pieces.
  • Check the areas that aren’t visible when the piece is being used – These areas, such as the joints, can provide clear indications of the quality level of materials and fabrication. These are also the areas where shortcuts may be taken, so look for sloppy sewing, thin padding, and partially exposed screws.
  • Consider use and location – A sofa located in front of a south facing window will likely get sun exposure and fade over time, so be sure to include that probability in your decision process. When considering use, make sure that the pieces under consideration are durable enough for the treatment they will receive on a daily basis.

Knowing what to look for can assist in an educated decision-making process. To buy the best furniture pieces in each category, be sure to include these factors as part of every purchase.

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