Sunshine Furniture: 3 Mistakes that Occur in the Rush to Buy from the Showroom

Sunshine Furniture / November 27, 2014

Sometimes the excitement of getting new furniture for the home results in a rush to the nearest showroom to get things going as quickly as possible. Even if this trip is “Just to have a look”, there are often mistakes made that result in purchases that don’t work out quite as well as they were originally envisioned. Here are a few examples:

  • Not taking measurements – If the excitement of getting to the showroom precludes measuring the spaces where the prospective furniture pieces are going to go, the process of selecting pieces will likely rely on a lot of guesswork, which has a strong possibility of not working out. Part of the reason for this issue is that the size of a showroom can make pieces look smaller than they actually are. Considering that a sofa that is 6 inches too wide may partially block an entryway, for example, getting precise measurements before shopping is essential.
  • Forgetting about the importance of proportional scale – Proportional scale can be difficult to gauge in the showroom due to huge amounts of square footage and ceiling heights of 40 feet or more. The challenge here is that the scale of the piece has to work within the three dimensions of the living room, meaning that a piece that fits within the designated footprint in the room needs to also be proportional in scale with the height of the ceiling.
  • Colors that change from the showroom to the living room – Color tones can undergo subtle changes in hue when exposed to different types of light, meaning that a fabric that looks like a perfect match for the paint on the living room walls when first seen under the fluorescent lights of the showroom clashes with the paint in natural light. While taking color swatches home will delay instant gratification, take this step to get an accurate color assessment in the lighting of the living room.

The way furniture pieces look in the showroom can be quite different than how they will look in your living room. Keeping the above-mentioned issues in mind when you’re at the showroom can avoid purchases that are ill-fitting, out of scale with the space and/or clash with the overall color scheme.


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