Sunshine Furniture: 3 Essentials for First Time Furniture Buyers

Sunshine Furniture / November 4, 2014

The move into a new place can be an exciting time, especially with the prospect of furnishing the blank canvas that exists in each room. As is often the case, the small matter of the budget may stand in the way of being able to buy every piece of furniture that has been envisioned, requiring the prioritization of the essential items first. Here are the 3 furniture pieces that should make your list of essentials:

  • A quality sofa – A sofa will likely be a focal point in your home while also being used on a daily basis. When shopping for a new sofa, seek a versatile design paired with high durability. This combination of characteristics will serve you well in your current abode with a sofa that will look great in future residences as well.
  • A well-built dining room table and chairs – The criteria you set for the purchase of your dining room table should mirror those set for the sofa; a versatile, multi-functional style that is also sturdy enough to last. In addition to being the place where meals are served, this table may also be the home office, a homework space and serve a variety of other functions, so you’ll want make sure that it can handle the work.
  • A great bed – The one piece of furniture that affects your quality of life more than any other is the bed you sleep on. Make sure that you buy a mattress that is comfortable and has enough support to provide 8 hours of solid sleep every night.

If you’re starting out with a limited budget, prioritize these pieces first. As time goes on, you can integrate new, high quality pieces as your budget permits.

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Sunshine Furniture

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