Sunshine Furniture: 3 Elements of a Dynamic Room

Sunshine Furniture / November 27, 2014

Sometimes you can walk into a room, look around, and feel the dynamic energy in the space. In others, the feeling may be the exact opposite with a color scheme done in monotone combined with furniture pieces that look identical, resulting in a dull and unexciting environment. If you’re trying to create a room that feels alive and dynamic, even when nobody is in there, be sure to include these 3 design elements:

  • Varying furniture sizes – Having furniture of different heights in the space provides vertical relief in the space that keeps the eyes moving. To balance the space, offset the tallest piece in the room with another piece of similar height on an opposing wall. If space is at a premium and a second furniture piece with a large footprint will take up too much space, you can offset the larger piece with an oversized painting or picture placed at similar height.
  • Bring in contrasting pieces – Combining rounded pieces, such as décor items, with linear profiles is another way to keep the eye moving around the room. Another way to provide contrasting shapes is to intersperse pieces that differ in their visual mass, such as juxtaposing an overstuffed chair with a narrow side table.
  • Color and pattern – Different colors and patterns can be mixed to varying degrees, ranging from small pops of color against a monotone scheme to filling the room with an explosion of different fabrics. Generally speaking, a greater number of different colors and patterns will increase the visual energy of the room, so be careful not to overdo it if you’re contemplating a varied palette of colors.

Visual energy is generated by differences in a space. By combining these 3 design elements in varying degrees, you can create a space that displays anything from a subtle energy to being vibrantly dynamic.

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Sunshine Furniture

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