Sunshine Furniture: 2 Design Ideas that Usually don’t Work

Sunshine Furniture / November 26, 2014

Buying furniture and then deciding on the optimal arrangement can demand some creative solutions, but not all of them will work out as planned. Here are 2 design ideas that should be avoided because, in most cases, they simply don’t work.

  • Angling pieces in corners – Angling dressers, hutches or other wide furniture pieces into corners may be seen as a way to fit something into a room when there isn’t enough wall space, but the end result is a lot of wasted space as well as an empty corner above the piece. In the vast majority of living room designs, large pieces work best either when centered against a wall or balanced with another piece in the same wall space.
  • Crowding furniture around the room’s focal point – While arranging furniture to capitalize on the room’s focal point is one of the basics of interior design, concentrating a bunch of pieces in a single area of the room can result in an unbalanced look as well as a lot of wasted space. When deciding on the way in which furniture will be arranged in your living room, remember to offset the furniture in the proximity of the focal point with other pieces in the room to balance the visual mass in the space.

Not all creative solutions achieve their objectives. Avoiding these two design flaws can help you on the way to creating a room that uses the area efficiently while also presenting a visual balance between the area around the focal point and the rest of the space.

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