Sunshine Furniture: 3 Ways to Add some Excitement to your Living Room

Slider / Sunshine Furniture / October 28, 2014

If you’ve been looking at the same living room layout for a while, there are several ways to add a little excitement without needing to replace every piece of furniture in the room. Whether you make a single change and leave it at that, or make additional modifications over time, these ideas can add some excitement without breaking the budget.

  • Add a splash (or two) of color – Adding vibrant color to a room automatically increases the energy of the space, whether you are switching out a neutral toned furniture piece or going with brightly colored wall art. Bringing in a colorful side table and then tying it in with the rest of the room with throw pillows of the same color, for example, can be done affordably and with great effect.
  • Put down a new area rug – In a room that is done in neutral colors, an area rug with a single solid color can change the feel of the whole room. Much like adding a colorful furniture piece, complementing the area rug with additional accent pieces can escalate the visual energy even more.
  • Add lighting – Some rooms lack energy simply because they are dimly lit. Bringing in lamps can raise the level of energy in two ways; they will add warming light to the space and can also serve as accent pieces that present the same color splashes as the ideas mentioned above.

A drab living room doesn’t have to stay that way. These three steps can add some immediate excitement to your living room without doing a full makeover or breaking the bank.

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