Standard TV and Appliance: How to Avoid the Costliest Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

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Kitchen remodeling projects are typically among the most expensive of home improvements and can get even pricier if certain mistakes are made. Here are some of the costliest remodeling mistakes as well as easy ways to avoid them.

1)      Over-remodeling to sell a home – While a new and upgraded kitchen with high-end appliances can play a significant role in selling a home, the return on investment for the project will be influenced by a variety of factors. Perhaps the most significant of these factors is that, regardless of the amount that is spent doing a kitchen makeover, the selling price of the home will likely be limited by the selling prices of comparable homes in the neighborhood. In fact, this limitation doesn’t apply only to buyers. Comparable prices will also play a primary role in the bank’s determination of how much they will be willing to lend. To avoid running into this “hard cap”, do some research on how much a remodeling project will add to the selling price before deciding on a budget.

2)      Starting the project before making final decisionsRemodeling a kitchen can be extremely exciting, which often leads to a fast dash through the planning process so that the project can get underway. While making decisions as the process unfolds may work, this practice can also result in costly changes when certain aspects of the ongoing project don’t meet expectations. One of the primary reasons for this type of result is that once the project has started, staying on schedule can require decisions to be made relatively quickly rather than allowing for research, a visit to a showroom, comparison shopping between appliances, etc. To avoid rushing decisions that may be reversed later, don’t start the project until you have made well thought out final decisions on appliances, cabinets, countertops, etc.

3)      Buying too much kitchen – This mistake has become more common due to the plethora and popularity of cooking shows on television, which has resulted the desire for  the commercial/industrial look of pro-style appliances. In reality, doing a remodeling project around these types of appliances can deliver a fantastic outcome for households that will use high BTU ranges, convection ovens, and massive refrigerators to their full potential. On the other hand, buying high-end appliances that will be used for only the most basic types of meals can be an expensive mistake.

The common thread between these costly mistakes is that the seeds for them are typically sewn in the planning (or lack of planning) stages. Each of these mistakes can be avoided during this stage as well by taking the time for specific research and defining the types of appliances that will work best for the cooking style of the household.

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