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Bray and Scarff / Slider / September 21, 2014

While it’s not unusual for the excitement of envisioning the end result of an extensive kitchen remodel to lead to the initiation of the project as quickly as possible, there are a number of ways that delaying the start of the project can work in your favor. These benefits include:

* Allowing for the development of a comprehensive plan – Kitchen remodeling plans are often created with the idea that as long as the first phases have been planned, the later phases will come together as the project moves along. Numerous problems can result from this type of plan, but there are two big ones; plans made in the later phases of the project may not work with the aspects that have already been installed and anything that has to be ordered has the potential to stop work while waiting for delivery. Delaying the start of a project until all phases have been planned out can avoid both of these issues.
* Ensuring that the project follows decisions made during the planning phase – Comprehensive plans that cover all phases of the project, especially if they are rushed, may still end up being changed during the work phase if better options are found. These changes are usually the result of incomplete research that leaves numerous design ideas undiscovered until the project is underway. Taking your time to fully research your remodeling options may delay the start of your project, but it will also help to avoid the types of changes that can extend the timeline to completion and dramatically increase the cost of the remodel.
* Accommodating the delivery of materials with long lead times – Some materials such as stock cabinets may be deliverable within days, while highly customized cabinetry may take 3 months or longer to arrive, which may make delaying the start of demolition a logical choice. Take, for example, an estimation of the work leading up to the installation of customized cabinets being 2 months with fabrication and delivery of those cabinets expected to take three months. In this situation, placing the final order with the cabinet maker and then waiting a month to initiate the demolition would have the delivery coming in at the time that installation is scheduled.

Delaying the start of a project for any of the above-mentioned reasons can ultimately work in your favor. Considering that a comprehensive kitchen remodel will be shutting down one of the most important spaces in your home, the trade-off of delaying the start of the project for a timely completion makes a lot of sense.


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