4 Duties that can be Outsourced to Lighten the Load on your IT Department

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IT departments can be stretched thin by a variety of events including company growth, the hiring of new employees, and/or the build-out of the company’s infrastructure. The “Catch 22” in these situations is that the most obvious way to lighten the load on the IT department is to hire more IT people, but that option requires many of the same processes that caused the overload in the first place; hiring, training, and more infrastructure. Another challenge in these situations occurs when the burdens placed on the department are temporary in nature, whether due to a rush of business during the Holidays or the introduction and rollout of a new product.

Instead of dealing with either a self-enforcing cycle of continuous hiring to keep up or hiring and firing to manage the peaks and valleys of your company’s business cycle, selectively outsourcing IT duties can both lighten the load and provide a much easier method of managing the workforce.

Here are some of the IT duties that can be delegated to an outside support service:

  • System maintenance – Routine maintenance protocols can include physical/remote inspections, interface optimization, and software/firmware upgrades.
  • Network monitoring – 24/7 monitoring of the company network can often be an investment that pays for itself through the provision of alerts on potential system failures and breaches so that they can be addressed, mitigated, and contained at the earliest stage possible. This type of monitoring can keep the network running while also providing another layer of protection from intrusions, spyware, viruses, Trojan horses, etc.
  • Management of cloud-based services – Outside IT support can manage cloud-based services, which can reduce hardware and software expenditures and streamline processes that can help to scale the business according to growth rates as well as in situations where operations are being scaled back.
  • The tech support help desk – One of the most time consuming demands on IT departments is the provision of technical support to the work force, especially at times when new hires are coming online. Outsourcing the tech support help desk provides two immediate benefits; it shifts the burden of support to an outside provider which will have the breadth of experience to deliver solutions for new and/or complex applications.

An over-burdened IT department can become problematic quickly with results that can include slower response times to help requests, the inability to scale up as the business grows, and delayed reactions to unfolding events. Instead, by outsourcing the duties listed above, your IT department can work within its core competencies with resources that add versatility as well as cost savings.

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