3 Tips to Help you Get the Appliances you Want in your Remodeling Project

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Remodeling a kitchen will cost a substantial sum of money, whether the project is considered to be at the low or the high end of the price range. As often happens, regardless of the size of the budget, there are certain adjustments that have to be made when everything that has been slated for inclusion in the project just can’t fit within the dollar amount that has been set for the venture. If this situation sounds familiar and your primary priority is focused on specific appliances, there are 3 ways to create room in your budget.

1) Assess the cabinets that are part of the project – New cabinets, especially if they are being custom made, can eat up to 50 percent of the remodeling budget. Take a second look at the necessity of custom cabinets and see whether semi-custom or stock cabinets will work. If your entire kitchen is built with odd wall angles and/or unique architectural features you may have to stay with a custom cabinet design, but in a more conventional kitchen stock or semi-custom cabinets may be a feasible option, which can reduce the total expenditure on cabinets substantially.

2) Consider engineered quartz countertops instead of granite – At the lower end of the pricing range, the cost of these countertop materials is somewhat similar, but granite can escalate in price quickly for larger slabs as well as for rare colors. If you are considering high end granite, take a look at engineered quartz as a less expensive alternative. This countertop material is available in numerous colors and is comprised of 90 percent quartz for an authentic stone look. The savings generated by this change can then be redirected toward the appliances on your shopping list.

3) Shop for manufacturers’ rebates – These rebates can save thousands of dollars versus paying full retail for appliances. The biggest rebates are typically offered for purchases of high end products but buying multiple appliances at any price can save significant sums of money. Many of these programs do not limit qualifying purchases to kitchen appliances, meaning that adding a washing machine and a dryer can ramp up savings even further.

If your remodeling budget runs tight at the end you can still get the appliances that were prioritized in your budget. By assessing alternatives to custom cabinets, considering engineered quartz countertops instead of high end granite, and shopping for manufacturers’ rebates, you can save thousands of dollars and make room in the budget for the appliances you want.

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