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Whether you sell exclusively on the web, have a website purposed to draw people to a brick and mortar location or do a little of both, an increasing number of people are searching for your product/services using their mobile devices. In fact, a recent study by “eMarketer” estimates that about 3 out of every 5 dollars spent at local businesses will be facilitated through mobile devices by 2017. Considering that these customers are increasingly likely to leave websites that offer a subpar experience for others that are optimized for smart phone and tablet access, there is no time to waste in optimizing your site for mobile ecommerce.

  • Convert to responsive design – A website built with responsive design architecture adjusts the size and amount of content that is presented, depending on the size of the viewport on the device. For example, the display of content on a web page viewed through the larger screen of a tablet will differ from what a viewer sees on a smart phone screen. Responsive design emphasizes the ease of reading text, viewing images and navigation to deliver an optimal experience to mobile device users, regardless of the size of their screen.
  • Take advantage of higher open rates for email on mobile devices – According to recent studies, emails accessed with mobile devices are opened 65 percent of the time versus desktop opens of 34 percent. Taking advantage of an almost 2-to-1 open rate on mobile devices necessitates that outbound marketing emails be optimized for smaller screens as well. This optimization process can include resizing text, downsizing images for a better fit on the screen, and making links and other types of click-throughs large enough for easy navigation.
  • Include an easy to see and click call to action button – According to Google, 61 percent of mobile users make calls to companies after finding them through a local search. Having a call to action button that is large enough to click easily can facilitate more calls than making a viewer page down or look for a way to contact your business. Additional ways to make your call to action button stand out include making sure it is a different color than the background, being specific about the call to action (ex. Call Now or Order Now) and having the button expand slightly when hovered over.

Mobile device users now outnumber PC and laptops in terms of internet access. Mobile users are more likely to take action and/or make a purchase after finding a company through local search than PC or laptop users. They have an open rate for emails that is almost double that of stationary users. These consumers also expect a positive experience and are willing to continue searching until they find a website that delivers one. To take advantage of this growing category of consumers, start optimizing your site and email marketing initiatives for mobile e commerce now.

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