Bray & Scarff Kitchen Works – Bowie, MD: 3 Tips to Preserve your Sanity Before and During a Kitchen Remodel

Bray and Scarff / November 2, 2014

Kitchen remodeling projects are often like riding a rollercoaster where certain parts of the ride are filled with excitement while others are just stressful. Generally speaking, the most exciting parts of the ride are at the very beginning of the project and at the end when the work is completed. The stressful part of the venture is in between these bookends, beginning with the decisions that need to be made before getting started and running through the period of wondering when the project will ever be finished. If you are in the planning stages of an extensive remodel, here are 3 tips to preserve your sanity and keep your stress at a manageable level.

  • Don’t feel rushed to make decisions – Planning can be very exciting until you’re faced with 40 decisions that have to be made “right now”. The problem with rushing these decisions, in addition the increased stress, is that the end result may not be what you really want. Instead, keep in mind that you’ll be living with your new kitchen for a long time and if it takes a little longer to decide on exactly what you want, so be it.
  • Set up a temporary kitchen – In a full demolition you may be without your kitchen for months, a time during which going out for every meal can quickly become inconvenient and expensive. Setting up a temporary kitchen with a microwave, a toaster oven, a portable cooktop, etc. can provide a wide range of options for meal preparation at home. To keep things cold you can buy a mini-fridge or hold on to the old refrigerator for a little longer and move it to the temporary kitchen.
  • Assume that the duration of the project will be half again as long as the estimated timeline – Kitchen remodels can run into a myriad of issues that can postpone the completion of work including delivery delays, unforeseen structural complications, and changes to the original plan. If these delays are occurring as a looming hard deadline approaches, such as a wedding reception, family coming in for the holidays, etc., stress can intensify rapidly. Instead, assume that the project will take 50 percent longer than estimated so that you’re prepared for an extension should one occur. If the 50 percent extension takes the completion date past your deadline, wait until after the event to start your project.

A kitchen remodel can undoubtedly be stressful. However, by following these tips you can keep your stress at a manageable level.

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